Pink Cowhide Blingstong® Pepper Spray


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Maximum Strength Pepper Spray Keychain for Protection

BLINGSTING maximum strength keychain pepper spray dressed in au naturale vegan cowhide and signature gold key chain clip.

Serious Product Highlights:

  • Formula: 10% OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) / 2 Million Scoville Heat Units (SHU)
  • Clips securely to keychains, purses, fanny packs or gym bags
  • Non-lethal protection provides peace of mind in potentially dangerous areas
  • Easy to secure safety-lock to prevent accidentally firing
  • Quick to engage with a thumb-swipe to the safety lock
  • Compact 1/2 ounce canister contains 15 shots (bursts) with a 10-12 foot spray range
  • Pepper spray can ward-off both people and animals
  • Practice canister (filled with water) is included for training
  • Lasso yourself a new Cowgirl Pepper Spray and keep those villains and robbers away.

Your FREE practice canister is filled with pressurized water to simulate how your Pepper Spray will work.

Do you live in New York or Massachusetts?

Sorry, but we can’t ship pepper spray to NY or Massachusetts. Though it’s legal to have for protection, we are restricted from mailing it to those states. That said, one possible option is shipping the pepper spray to a friend’s address in a nearby state and have that friend bring it to you. We apologize for this inconvenience; it’s the law.

Blingsting’s pepper spray formula is the maximum allowable legal strength – often called ‘police-strength’ because it’s the same strength the police force carries. Serious protection. Pepper spray is not a toy, even when it sparkles. Pepper spray is a non-lethal self-defense weapon for your protection. Abusing pepper spray is a punishable crime, meaning possible jail-time in orange. Not cute.


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